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What is a Mechanics Lien?

A Mechanics Lien is a hold against a property filed by an unpaid contractor, subcontractor, or material supplier. It is recorded with the county recorder’s office. If it goes unpaid, the unpaid contractor, subcontractor, or material supplier can file a foreclosure action to force the sale of the property in order to get paid.

It is important to note that not just the contractor can file a mechanics lien against a property. Any unpaid subcontractor or material supplier who contracts with the contractor may also file a mechanics lien even if the property owner has paid the contractor. There is no requirement that the property owner and the party filing the mechanics lien have a contract with each other.

A mechanics lien can result in the foreclosure of a property, so it is important to address it quickly when it comes to your attention. Further, if you are contractor, subcontactor, or material supplier not being paid on a job, it is important to understand your rights to file a mechanics lien against the property owner.

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