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Estate Planning Attorney Los Angeles, CA

Looking for legal support in estate planning?

Welcome to Marinaccio Law, your premier estate planning partner in Glendale, California. Life’s unexpected turns make securing your loved ones’ future a shared responsibility. Our experienced estate planning attorneys understand the importance of planning for the future, whether you’re starting a family, nearing retirement, or seeking peace of mind.

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Why Choose the Marinaccio Law for Estate Planning in Glendale?


With decades of experience navigating California estate law, we ensure your plan is legally sound and protects your loved ones effectively.

Local Expertise

As a Glendale-based firm, we understand local laws, tax implications, and cultural values, ensuring your plan seamlessly integrates with your life.

Compassionate approach

We treat each client with empathy, crafting personalized plans that reflect your wishes and values.

Clear Communication

We believe in transparent communication, explaining complex legal concepts in understandable terms and keeping you informed throughout the process.

Key Estate Planning Services Offered

  • Will and Trust Drafting: From simple wills to complex trust structures, we ensure your wishes are documented and legally enforceable.
  • Probate Assistance: Handling all aspects of probate administration, including debt payment, asset distribution, and contested probate representation.
  • Trust Administration: Managing trust assets, ensuring tax compliance, and providing accountability and reporting.
  • Asset Protection Strategies: Minimizing estate taxes, protecting assets from creditors, and planning for long-term care.

Personalized Approach

Here’s how our estate planning attorneys in Glendale ensure your plan is truly yours:

  •  In-Depth Consultations: We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your circumstances, family dynamics, and financial objectives.
  • Collaborative Planning:

    We work closely with you, incorporating your wishes and priorities into every step of the process.

  • Flexibility and Customization:

    We don’t offer pre-packaged plans; instead, we tailor your options to address your specific challenges and opportunities.

  • Regular Communication:

    We keep you informed throughout the process and readily answer any questions you may have.

    Your peace of mind is our priority. With Marinaccio Law, you’re not just another client; you’re a valued partner in crafting your legacy.

Local Relevance and Understanding:

Glendale presents its own set of estate planning considerations, and our estate planning lawyers in Glendale are here to guide you through them seamlessly. Our deep understanding of local laws and regulations includes:

  • Community Property Laws: We ensure your plan effectively addresses California’s community property rules, maximizing asset protection and distribution.
  • Local Tax  Implications:

    We take into account Glendale-specific tax considerations to minimize your estate’s tax burden.

  • Familiarity with Local Courts and Resources:

    Our experience navigating Glendale’s probate court system ensures a smooth and efficient process.

Choose Marinaccio Law for advice that’s customized for your situation in Glendale. Reach out today to talk about your specific needs and enjoy the reassurance that comes with a personalized estate plan.

Our Estate Planning Process

  • Initial Consultation: Understanding your goals, assets, and concerns.
  • Inventory and Assessment: Creating a detailed inventory of your assets and liabilities.
  • Personalized Plan Development: Drafting a customized estate plan tailored to your specific needs.
  • Review and Refinement: Collaboratively reviewing and adjusting the plan as needed.
  • Execution and Implementation: Guiding you through the process of executing your estate planning documents.
  • Ongoing Support and Review: Providing ongoing support and updating your plan as needed.

Service Areas

Marinaccio Law offers legal expertise to businesses throughout Glendale, Los Angeles, and the surrounding regions. By tailoring our approach specifically for these locales, we meet their individual legal needs with comprehensive support for growth and compliance, ensuring continued business operations and sustainable success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Because it safeguards the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate, ensuring it passes on to your beneficiaries rather than being consumed in government processes and bureaucracy.

Certainly. Without creating your own estate plan, the government’s default “Intestate Probate” plan may come into play, inviting government interference in your estate’s distribution. This process involves public scrutiny, court approvals for bill payments, spousal allowances, and property accounting leaving your family vulnerable to a complex and impersonal government system. Moreover, the government’s estate plan doesn’t prioritize minimizing death taxes, unlike personalized estate planning options that can offer tax-saving strategies.

In the event of mental disability without an estate plan or just a Will, you could face “living probate” or conservatorship. This involves the probate court appointing someone to manage your assets and personal matters, with court-appointed agents obligated to provide a detailed financial account, making the process costly, time-consuming, and potentially humiliating.

Yes, of course. When you set up a Living Trust, you have the option to serve as your own trustee, a common choice among trust creators. If married, both spouses can act as co-trustees, maintaining absolute control over the trust’s assets. In case of mental disability, a successor trustee of your choice, not a court appointee, takes charge of managing your affairs.

Not at all. A Living Trust is not exclusive to the wealthy people. It serves as a valuable tool for anyone seeking to shield their family from probate fees, attorney’s costs, court expenses, and state/federal estate taxes. Even individuals with smaller estates can find meaningful benefits in certain situations.