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Trusted Ally in LA Rental Matters - Marinaccio Law.

Navigating Los Angeles’ rental landscape poses challenges for landlords and tenants alike. With our seasoned landlord-tenant attorneys at Marinaccio Law, gain the support you need. We offer knowledgeable, empathetic, and tailored legal representation for both parties across Los Angeles.

Whether you’re a landlord contending with tenant disputes or a tenant facing injustice, rely on us to advocate for your rights and interests.

Reach out today, and let us navigate the legal complexities, securing equitable resolutions.

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Why Choose Marinaccio Law for Landlord Tenant Matters in Los Angeles?

Local Expertise

Benefit from our attorneys' deep knowledge of Los Angeles' landlord-tenant laws, encompassing rent control ordinances, eviction procedures, habitability standards, and fair housing regulations.

Proven Success

We boast a track record of effectively resolving various landlord-tenant disputes, spanning evictions, lease breaches, security deposit disagreements, and habitability concerns.

Convenient Locations

With offices in Glendale and Ontario, we offer accessible services to clients across Los Angeles County.

Client-Focused Approach

We prioritize building strong relationships with our clients, understanding their unique needs and objectives. Expect clear communication and proactive legal support, ensuring you remain informed and empowered throughout the legal process.

Key Landlord-Tenant Legal Services Offered

Marinaccio Law provides a comprehensive array of legal services to landlords and tenants in Los Angeles, ensuring steadfast support throughout your rental journey. Here’s an overview of our primary areas of expertise:

Landlord Services

  • Lease Agreement Drafting and Review
    We ensure the legal integrity of your lease agreements, safeguarding your property rights and compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Unlawful Detainer Actions
    Navigate the eviction process seamlessly with our guidance, from issuing notices to representing you in court proceedings, ensuring swift and lawful resolution.
  • Resolution of Rent Disputes
    Efficiently negotiate and resolve rent disagreements, encompassing late payments, rent hikes, and adherence to rent control ordinances.
  • Handling Security Deposit Issues
    We aid in the retrieval of security deposits while upholding California’s stringent deposit laws.
  • Addressing Lease Violations
    Effectively handle tenant lease infractions such as unauthorized occupants, property damage, and noise disturbances.
  • Habitability Matters
    Receive guidance on maintaining habitable premises and resolving disputes concerning repairs, maintenance, and adherence to health codes.

Tenant Services

  • Reviewing and Negotiating Lease Agreements
    Understand your rights and obligations under the lease, and secure favorable terms through our negotiation expertise.
  • Defending Against Eviction
    Receive representation in eviction proceedings, safeguarding your rights and exploring all available legal avenues.
  •  Security Deposit Disputes
    Obtain assistance in recovering your security deposit rightfully, advocating for withheld amounts as necessary.
  • Addressing Habitability Issues
    Assert your right to a habitable living space, pursuing necessary repairs or remedies for substandard conditions.
  • Facing Discrimination
    Defend against discriminatory housing practices, and navigate legal options with our guidance and support.

Legal Representation and Advocacy

Our landlord-tenant attorneys extend beyond mere legal representation; they serve as your advocates in the Los Angeles rental landscape. We recognize the emotional and financial significance of landlord-tenant disputes, steadfastly committed to safeguarding your rights and interests.

We prioritize win-win solutions whenever feasible. Through thorough mediation and negotiation, we aim to peacefully and efficiently resolve disputes.

However, should the need arise, we are prepared to litigate on your behalf in court, drawing upon our extensive experience and legal acumen to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

Local Relevance and Understanding

Selecting Marinaccio Law entails partnering with a firm deeply immersed in the intricacies of Los Angeles’ landlord-tenant laws and regulations.

Here’s a snapshot of our landlord-tenant attorneys’ local relevance and comprehension:

Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID) Regulations

Our attorneys adeptly navigate HCID rules and procedures, ensuring adherence and safeguarding your rights.

New California Law (Effective July 1, 2024)

Fully informed about recent changes to the state's landlord-tenant legislation, our attorneys advise you on potential implications for your circumstances.

LA's Rent Stabilization Ordinance

Possessing comprehensive knowledge of the ordinance, including rent control calculations, eviction limitations, and tenant safeguards, our attorneys provide expert guidance.

California and Los Angeles Health Codes

Proficient in the health and safety standards of Los Angeles, our attorneys adeptly manage habitability concerns and legal ramifications.

Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) Regulations

Well-versed in LAHD policies and procedures, our attorneys assist you through inspections, permit requisites, and other interactions with the department.

Landlord Tenant Legal Process

We understand the stress and uncertainty you may encounter. Hence, we offer guidance and ensure legal compliance throughout each stage of the dispute resolution process, empowering you to make informed decisions and attain your desired outcome. Here’s a concise overview of the legal process:


Whether it involves a lease violation, rent issue, or habitability concern, the initial step is comprehending the nature of the dispute and your rights under the law.

Communication and Negotiation

Open communication and negotiation attempts often lead to amicable resolutions. Our landlord-tenant attorneys in Los Angeles assist you in drafting clear communication, exploring compromise options, and advocating effectively for your interests.

Legal Notice and Pre-Litigation

Depending on the circumstances, legal notices may be necessary. We aid in drafting and serving the appropriate notices, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protecting your rights.

Mediation or Arbitration (Optional)

In certain instances, mediation or arbitration can offer expedited and cost-effective resolutions compared to litigation. Our landlord-tenant attorneys guide you through the process and represent you adeptly in these alternative dispute resolution settings.

Litigation (Court Proceedings)

If required, we represent you assertively in court, managing all facets of litigation, from filing documents to presenting arguments and negotiating settlements.

Local Testimonials and Success Stories

Look through our catalog of local testimonials and case studies of customer satisfaction we’ve achieved. Their glowing approval is our testament to our commitment, knowledge, and results, which characterize the professional relationships between us.

Marinaccio Law's dedication and expertise truly shine in their wrongful eviction cases. With compassionate advocacy and strategic legal guidance, they safeguard tenants' rights and achieve positive outcomes. Clients commend their professionalism and unwavering support during challenging times

Service Areas

Marinaccio Law proudly serves as your trusted local landlord-tenant attorney in the vibrant communities of Los Angeles, California, and its surrounding areas, including:

  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica
  • Glendale
  • Irvine
  • San Clemente

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A lease agreement is a legal document outlining the terms agreed upon between a landlord and tenant, establishing the conditions of the arrangement between the parties involved.

Habitability standards ensure that residents are entitled to a secure living environment, free from issues such as infestations, malfunctioning utilities, and other conditions significantly affecting the rental property.

You can pursue legal action against your landlord for negligence if they fail to maintain a safe residence, permit conditions posing a significant fire risk, neglect crucial repairs, inadequately address pest issues, or disregard official orders to rectify property issues.

Write a notice to your landlord listing all needed repairs. If they don’t address the issues within 35 days, contact the Housing or Health Department. You can also consult a landlord-tenant attorney to determine if you have a valid case.

Failure to pay rent could lead to eviction. If you’re at risk of eviction, it’s crucial to promptly consult a landlord-tenant attorney or legal services organization. They can guide you on your rights, explore options, and potentially assist in keeping you in your home.