City of Los Angeles Warning Airbnb Hosts of Their Obligation to Pay City Taxes

The Los Angeles Times reports that the City of Los Angeles is preparing to send Airbnb hosts warning that they must pay the City’s hotel tax.

This is an interesting issue as Airbnb initially started as a way for homeowners to rent a room in their home or to rent their home while they were on vacation. However, there have been some landlords, particularly in the City’s Westside and beach communities that are using entire units or homes solely for Airbnb rentals.

Although you may not consider an Airbnb rental to be a “hotel” in the traditional sense, the City of Los Angeles likens it to a short term rental, which is basically a hotel.

The Los Angeles Times article, “L.A. to Warn Airbnb hosts to start paying hotel-type taxes” provides more detail on this issue.