Section 8 Tenancies in Non-Rent Control Apartment Units

LAist recently posted an article regarding a landlord in in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles evicting all Section 8 tenants in an apartment building. Under Section 8 guidelines, a landlord is only required to serve a tenant with a 90 Day Notice to Quit stating that the landlord does not want to work with the Section 8 program.

A landlord in Los Angeles is allowed to terminate Section 8 tenancies when the apartment building is not subject to the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance. As a tenant in a non-rent control building, there are much fewer protections against evictions. The Section 8 tenants being evicted under this situation would not be entitled to relocation fees under the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

Generally, an apartment building is not subject to Los Angeles’ rent control if the certificate of occupancy for the building was issued after 1978. Tenants in non-rent control buildings in Los Angeles can receive 3o or 60 Day Notices to Quit unlike tenants in rent-control units.

The article is “New Landlord Doesn’t Feel Like Housing Poor People Anymore, Tenants Say.” For more information regarding evictions of Section 8 tenants, please contact Anthony Marinaccio at 818-839-5220.