Mickey Rooney’s Estate Planning Dispute

The New York Daily News writes about an estate planning dispute of Mickey Rooney that has boiled over only days after his death. The article can be found here.

Mickey Rooney had disinherited his eighth wife, who he was married to for 35 years but also estranged. He had also sued her and her biological son (his stepson) in 2011 for elder abuse claiming they were stealing money from him. She had requested his remains from the mortuary in order to bury him. Mickey Rooney’s estate has filed a motion in order to prevent Forest Lawn Memorial Park from releasing the remains to his estranged wife.

Recently, Mickey Rooney had signed a new will leaving all of his estate to one stepson, Mark Aber. His estate may only be valued at around $18,000. Potentially the only valuable asset in Mickey Rooney’s estate is a judgment against his estranged wife.  He had disinherited his eight children believing they were in a better economic position than the late actor. 

This dispute highlights the need for good estate planning that can help to prevent this situation. Although the details of Mickey Rooney’s will are unknown, a dispute is already brewing.