By now (January 14, 2015), all landlords who own property in City of Los Angeles should have received their annual bill from the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department. The fees for all rent control units in Los Angeles are $67.83 per unit. Payments are due February 28, 2015. They must be received by February 28, 2015 (not just postmarked by that day).

If you are seeking an annual exemption (i.e., you as the landlord lives in one unit or for some exemption) you need make sure it is filed with LAHD by January 31, 2015. They are to be received by that date, so make sure it gets there by then (although you can do it online).

If you are a landlord of a multifamily building in Los Angeles and did not receive a bill, you should contact LAHD immediately to get one. If you are interested in using LAHD’s online portal to make payments, get an exemption, or print out certificates, you can go to youtube to get assistance. There are several videos from LAHD that are available here.