Mechanics’ Liens

Marinaccio Law can assist you on all matters related to mechanics’ liens whether you a general contractor, subcontractor, property owner, homeowner, or material or equipment supplier. Marinaccio Law handles mechanics’ liens throughout Southern California including Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.

Although a property owner only typically contracts with a general contractor to do work on a property, a general contractor hires subcontractors, material suppliers, and equipment suppliers to do further work and complete the contract and improve the property. Any of those individuals can file a mechanics’ lien on a property. A mechanics’ lien is a lien placed on real estate that is also recorded on the property that can be foreclosed on if not paid off.

Once a mechanics’ lien is recorded on a property, a contractor, subcontractor or material or equipment supplier can foreclose on the lien and force the sale of the property if the property owner does not pay the lien off.

Please contact Marinaccio Law at (818) 839-5220 if you have any questions regarding placing a mechanics’ lien on a property or if you have had a mechanics’ lien placed on your property, and for a free initial consultation to discuss your matter.

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