Marinaccio Law represents property owners and tenants facing disputes over eviction actions, Fair Housing complaints, and other disputes. Law addressing unlawful detainers, also known as evictions, are detailed and if not followed precisely, can cause an uphill battle in order to successfully evict a tenant. Marinaccio Law guides its clients through the intricate details of California law addressing the landlord-tenant relationship.


Marinaccio Law represents landlords looking to evict tenants. At Marinaccio Law, we recognize the challenges of evictions and understand the goals of our clients to move quickly and efficiently. You will always talk to an attorney handling your eviction lawsuit. Further, Marinaccio Law has extensive experience with the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

Marinaccio Law can draft notices to initiate terminating the tenancy, such as 3-Day Notices, 30 Day Notices, and 60 Day Notices. Further, Marinaccio Law can negotiate with tenants and their attorneys to avoid litigation and further our client’s goals.

Commercial Lease Disputes and Evictions

Marinaccio Law represents both commercial landlords and tenants facing disputes. Whether it be nonpayment of rent, breach of a lease agreement, or drafting a new lease agreement, Marinaccio Law is ready to zealously advocate on your behalf.